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For serious gamblers, time is money. Why waste hours researching, when you can find out the best-selling book for your game right here! Are you a poker lover? Then Annie Duke's book "Decide to Play Great Poker" is a must for your library! Roulette lover? Download the hit kindle book "Roulette Rockstar."

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Best-Selling Gambling Books - July 2017

Roulette Rockstar
Roulette Rockstar


Decide to Play Great Poker
Super System

Doyle Brunson


Blackjack For Blood
Blackjack Bluebook II

Fred Renzey

Learn to Play Craps Part-time from Dice Pros
Learn to Play Craps Part-time from Dice Pros

C. "Judge" Johnson with Bryan Bonshell

SPOTLIGHT - Books of the Year

Readers continue to be enthralled by the "rags-to-riches" story in "Roulette Rockstar." This little gem of a kindle book has made roulette the hottest game in town. The simple, but brillant strategy gives roulette players a way to rake in large amounts of money fast. This book, along with "Decide to Play Great Poker" were among the top best-selling books for 2016 and the first half of 2017, earning our nominations for books of the year.

Annie Duke, the author of "Decide to Play Great Poker" continues to enjoy brisk sales, despite the legal troubles surrounding her brother, Howard "the Professor" Lederer. He became a piraha in the poker world after the U.S Government accused him and other owners "Full-tilt" of running a global Ponzi Scheme. He has since settled, forfeiting $42 million in personal assets and bank accounts.

Although Annie wasn't involved with the Full-Tilt poker scandal, her brand took a big hit after two Poker Sites she was affiliated with (Epic Poker and Ultimate Bet) tanked. Epic Poker went broke. Bankruptcy papers showed the site generated only $37,052 during its short exitence, however Duke paid herself $299,784 as Commissioner. Ultimate Bet, where she was a spokesperson, closed after a cheating scandal where management was accusered of using super-user accounts that allowed them to view hole cards and defraud players of over 2 million dollars between 2004 and 2008.

Annie has laid pretty low since the scandal and only recently started playing live games again. A player in the WSOP 2012 was thrown out after cursing Annie out and calling her "A disgrace to the Poker Community." Whatever the public thinks of Annie, there's no doubting one thing...she can still write a great book!


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