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Player Publications

Player Publications - Who are we?

Player Publications is an independent publisher of gambling books. Our most successful title, "Roulette Rockstar" has been the #1 best-seller on Amazon.com for roulette, over two years.

Our goal is to give gamblers an edge. That's why we only publish books with the most effective strategies. Who said the house always wins? Our motto is "Your luck starts here." We believe with the right knowledge you can always come out a winner!

We work with new and established writers who can offer gaming expertise and a fresh voice. We ARE NOT a self-publishing press or "vanity press" that requires payment by authors, or a minimum purchase of copies. We make our profits by selling books directly to consumers, rather than selling services to authors. To see current opportunities for writers at Player Publications, click here.

Our website is also a resource for the best-selling gambling books on the market and latest news in the casino industry.